Our vision to create a place an enjoyable game, which will provide social collaboration, becoming a viable alternative for a virtual reality, console and computer games… With NOIS you always have an open mind (and table)!
We belief in real connection between people. The company management team consists of young and ambitious entrepreneurs, who see themselves “on a social mission“. The main idea that guides us in our work is creative thinking.
Looking for innovative, original ideas, we believe that our games will be appealing to people, connecting them via the joy of playing and will gradually become more and more popular.


We see ourselves as experts in development, design and marketing of tabletop and board games. For us, everything happens around the table. We develop, produce and market very unique tabletop games in Israel. Our flagship product is the NOIS – a fascinating, highly enjoyable social game, whose charm is really hard to resist. There are already several courses about the game, which take place in various community and sport centers. We also organize tournaments and competitions, and other events. In addition, we offer an option of equipment rental for organizations and private clients.

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