It is a widely known fact that in our modernized and computerized world, people spend very little time in mutual conversations and social interaction.
You have definitely heard the phrases: “The children used to play outside….”, “Why are neighbours now complete strangers?…”, “In our youth, people used to talk and meet more…”

Today, as we spend more and more time in front of a computer, we miss those days, miss those games – the real GAMES, remember? Children playing ball in the neighbourhood, neighbours who become close friends, people who are connected to each other… TOGETHER was the name of the game. Well, instead of being sorry that those days have passed away, we decided to act. And we are happy to introduce a new smart game table– NOIS.
NOIS is, first of all, an exciting tabletop game – challenging, stimulating, demanding… But in addition to that – it is an exceptional social activity, which brings people together, breaks artificial boundaries and redefines the enjoyment of doing things TOGETHER.
Real Games. Model - Premium. Colour - Black. Nois is a single smart table, opening up numerous exciting adventures… a world of games… convenience, and chic, artistic design… Option 2 - Coffee Table, Living room table, Balcony table, terrace table, Garden table with chess board.

Browse through the website, learn about the smart table and games and those who bring it to you – and start having fun!

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